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Investing In Employees Through Training

Investing In Employees Through Training

cartoon has made
its rounds online
, but in case you haven’t seen it yet, I wanted to share.
It depicts the difficult training decisions made every year. Every manager
responsible for training has to ask themselves, “What skills do my
employees need to learn this year?” and “What training will have the
most impact?” The next question is, “Do we have the budget to do this
training?” This is the corporate dilemma: What if you spend money to train
your employees and they leave? The more important question is, what if you
don't spend money on training your employees…and they stay?

While there is a risk of employees leaving your company after you’ve
investing training dollars in them, there are many benefits to training
employees that outweigh the risk, particularly in the technology sector. Through
our years
of helping
HR and L&D managers assess, plan, and evaluate training, we’ve
learned how a well-planned training and development program can make the
difference in a company’s overall success.

with a strong focus on employee training and development are able to grow and
retain top talent. Employees who are on the receiving end of this investment:

  • Are happier
  • Are more motivated
  • Have better job performance
  • Are at the forefront of new technologies and innovation

benefits are particularly true in competitive hiring regions such as Silicon Valley or
Seattle, where top technology companies compete for top technology talent.
Offering a strong learning and development culture is a major advantage for
these companies to be able to recruit – and retain – top talent.

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always, our consultants are available, via phone at (877) 629-5631 or email, to help you plan a training
roadmap for your company.