Angular 2 Intensive

The Angular 2 Intensive training course teaches all major components, syntax, and tooling of the Angular2 web application framework. The Angular 2 Intensive training course starts with an introduction of Angular 2, npm, and TypeScript. It then dives into component-driven development with Angular 2 components, and how to use directives and services. Data binding (both 1 and 2 way) is discussed in the context of the new directive API.

Finally, the core parts of app development are covered in the context of Angular 2. This includes HTTP, routing, form validation, and unit testing. The Angular 2 Intensive training course also covers data architecture options for Angular 2, including how to make it work with Flux. The Angular 2 course will leave developer teams with a thoroughly explored set of tools, patterns, and core Angular 2 syntax.

Course Summary

Learn all major parts of the Angular2 framework.
Intermediate JavaScript developers and/or Angular1 developers looking to update to Angular2.
Skill Level: 
Learning Style: 

Hands-on training is customized, instructor-led training with an in-depth presentation of a technology and its concepts, featuring such topics as Java, OOAD, and Open Source.

Hands On help
4 Days
Productivity Objectives: 
  • Utilize Angular2’s core constructs to build Single Page Applications.
  • Install necessary modules correctly using npm.
  • Write applications in TypeScript to be transcompiled to browser-supported JavaScript.
  • Unit test all parts of the new application.
  • Correctly follow separation of concerns by modularizing Angular apps into separate services and directives.
  • Setup routing and URLs.
  • Run commands to setup Angular2 using the Angular CLI.

What You'll Learn

In the Angular 2 Intensive training course you’ll learn:

Day 1

  • Introduction
    • Why Angular 2?
    • Scope and Goal of Angular 2
    • Who Uses Angular?
    • Architecture (Big Picture/Concepts)
    • Model-View Patterns Reviewed
    • Single-page Application vs Traditional Web Application Architectures
    • Browser Support
    • Overview of Setup/Installation
    • Our first Angular 2 Application
  • npm QuickStart
  • TypeScript and ES6/ES2015 Introduction
    • Understanding TypeScript and ES6/ES2015
    • How TypeScript Works
    • Why TypeScript?
    • ES2015

Day 2

  • Components
    • What is a component?
    • Developing a simple component
    • Angular Modules
    • Bootstrapping
    • Nesting components
    • Templates
    • Models
  • Data Binding
    • What is Data Binding?
    • Data Binding in Angular
    • Types
    • Longhand
    • Shorthand
    • [(ngModel)] Banana in a Box

Day 3

  • Directives
    • What is a Directive?
  • Understand how ngIf works
    • Using the tag
    • Removing vs Hiding Directives
* Using ngFor * ngSwitch
  • Attribute Directives
  • Service and Dependency Injection
  • What is a Service?
    • Service Example
    • Dependency Injection Explained
    • Registering a Service
    • Injecting a Service
    • Application Wide Dependency Injection
    • Injectable Classes ** Multiple Service Instances ** Optional and @Host Decorators
    • Providers

Day 4

  • Advanced Components
    • Lifecycle Hooks
    • Composing Your User Interface
    • Component Communication
    • Component Styles
  • Forms
    • Local Template Reference Variables
    • Binding to HTML Form Elements
  • Form Validation
    • Validation Directives
    • Tracking Change State of Form Controls
    • CSS Classes
    • Validation Messages
    • Validation Styles
  • Data Architectures
  • HTTP
  • Routing
  • Pipes
  • Project Setup
    • Build and run the app
    • Other
    • Using a seed or boilerplate

Meet Your Instructor

Craig Photo

Craig recently released the book, The JavaScript Framework Guide: AngularJS, Backbone, and Ember. Craig has been a guest on the Hanselminutes and JavaScript Jabber podcasts. He’s an avid blogger, and several of his articles have been published in Peter Cooper’s poplular “JavaScript Weekly” newsletter. He also has his own podcast, “The Front-End Developer’s Cast”.

Craig has been a developer for over 15 years at startups, enterprises, and as a consultant. During...

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Photo of Instructor

Elias Carlston has 20 years’ experience as a software engineer, from lean startups to large enterprises. Having great mentors early on showed Elias the value of sharing knowledge, and he enthusiastically embraces the opportunity to give back to the community through teaching.

Beginning his career as a data analyst for a large non-profit clinic, he soon became a full stack developer. First, at healthcare cloud services provider athenahealth, and later with car sharing pioneer Zipcar, he learned techniques...

Meet Elias »
Jason photo

Jason, author of Angular for Rails Developers, has been building websites since his parents first got dial-up internet at home in 1996.

Jason has worked with a variety of technologies since then including Delphi, ASP Classic, PHP and Ruby on Rails. Most recently his focus has been on the combination of Angular and Rails to create single-page applications. He has worked with small startups as well as large organizations like AT&T, Dow Jones and the...

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