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We’re an award-winning provider of managed technical learning solutions, including software development, open source technologies, and technology leadership development.

Founded in 2003 by serial entrepreneur and tech guru, Kelby Zorgdrager. Kelby remains our CEO, consistently drawing on his 20 years’ experience in the Technical Learning and Development industry as he offers our clients expert guidance and fresh ideas for learning.

We help companies attract, retain, and grow their top technical talent by managing comprehensive and customized developer learning programs. Encompassing all aspects of the learning, from identification and design through to delivery, this approach is closely aligned with your business objectives and delivers a better return on the learning investment than ad-hoc, tactical models.

Our team offers more than 200 different courses in Java development, mobile application development, front-end web development, and more. These courses are delivered by an expert practitioner – our instructors are passionate doing and teaching. We've trained more than 40,000 developers in 30 countries since 2003; we consistently achieve 98% or higher satisfaction rating from students. 

Committed to customization, rather than the ‘one program fits all’ approach, our top priority is building long-term partnerships with our clients, delivering, performing and growing with you over time.

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DevelopIntelligence has been in the technical/software development learning and training industry for nearly 20 years. We’ve provided learning solutions to more than 48,000 engineers, across 220 organizations worldwide.

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