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Here Are A Few Vocal Ones.

Anil was very informative and communicated well. It was enjoyable and informative to take this class.

- Aravind K, Yahoo

I loved the examples. They focused on the topics and in short time. Great!!

- ZhongMin Y, Yahoo

Daniel (H) was great at explaining everything and was also very engaging. Great job!

- Manol Y, VMware

Simon had a great sense of humor. He made the whole training fun. He was also knowledgeable and able to communicate and answer all of the questions to my satisfaction.

- Sunny B, VMware

I appreciated that Simon came in with a general agenda and was able to determine through interaction with us which topics would be of particular interest. This allowed him to specialize the content to meet our needs. Simon is an excellent presenter and I appreciated his technique of writing live code examples rather than using fixed slide decks to present the material.

- Anonymous, VMware

The instructor was very knowledgeable. He made it easy to ask questions and provided good conversation about the topic at hand.

- Christopher A, Dell

Excellent instructor! He tailored to the class' needs and the questions were encouraged and exhaustively answered.

- Susanna S, Intuit

I appreciated the instructor's deep knowledge and insights. Michael was very much functioning (and qualified) as a consultant, not just a trainer/teacher.

- Jessi F, Intuit

The instructor was a valuable consultant as we worked through issues mapping our processes to the most appropriate tools. Blair provided valuable feedback and guidance.

- Steven F, Cricket

I really appreciate Rich's teaching style and commitment to help. He took all the time necessary to make sure every student was set up correctly with Eclipse and Tomcat. That set the tone for a positive learning experience.

- William S, AOL

Rich was a great instructor, he kept me and everyone in this class motivated and wanting to learn more about JSF/Servlet. He was open for questions and was helpful in debugging all errors.

- Anonymous, AOL

Simon has very strong knowledge of the content he was covering. His answers were clear, crisp, and very helpful.

- Mynuddin Syed, Kronos

The instructor was knowledgeable and had good presentation skills, keeping the class lively and not dry.

- Bonnie H, Kronos


I really appreciated Kelby's ability to “switch gears” as required within the classroom discussion. He was an excellent instructor.

- Joy D, Dow Jones

I especially liked how Kelby could switch from the class example to an example specific to our company to explain the concept we were covering. I was very impressed with his ease and knowledge of the topics to cover and his willingness to take questions and ability to answer them in a way that was understandable.

- Beatrice J, Dow Jones

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