Blended tech learning in 2021: A key to successful digital transformation

Many organizations are pursuing digital transformation to stay competitive and cannot afford a failed implementation. Achieving success requires a trained workforce—software development and IT teams that know the new technologies and how to apply them on the job. But what’s the right kind of training?

This guide will walk you through key considerations and questions to think about as you’re designing tech learning programs.

  • Compare blended learning best practices with your current programs.
  • Learn how to combine self-paced and instructor-led elements for maximum impact.
  • Explore program designs that accelerate digital transformation.
  • Use a six-step checklist to ensure your learning programs succeed.
Get actionable tips from L&D leaders:

This image is a thumbnail of the Blended Tech Learning in 2021 whitepaper. In addition to the title, it shows a Black instructor, smiling while standing at a board with charts on it.

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