Announcing Amplify – a JavaScript Component Library

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It’s always exciting to craft a piece of code from scratch, watching it take shape and become truly useful. It is even more exciting to see the hard work you have done benefitting others. Building something that reaches beyond our own needs is what draws so many developers to open source, and we at appendTo are no exception. It is with great enthusiasm that we announce our latest project: [Amplify](

On February 17th, 2011, appendTo quietly [launched](!/amplifyjs/status/38346716604276736) Amplify without much fanfair nor the intention for any. The JavaScript library and framework space is _massive_. Recognizing this, we chose to exercise caution in introducing yet another library. Amplify, however, has proven very useful at appendTo and we are committed to giving back to the community some of the fruits of our labor.

Amplify’s purpose is very specific: to solve real problems faced when developing web applications. That is partly why the alpha release contains only three components. More components are planned, but these three have provable use-cases and are all immediately usable in their current form. Their APIs have been crafted from appendTo’s extensive background in developing web applications, and our goal is for these APIs to integrate well with your existing code base and new projects alike. We want Amplify to give you exactly what you need, without extra baggage.

Amplify reached a milestone today with the landing of [the first community patch]( by Tobias Steiner and the [first community feature]( from Garrett Johnson. We are committed to releasing early and releasing often, and [the community]( that is forming around the project is exciting. There has already been a good volume of discussion on the mailing list and wonderful feedback.

Amplify is currently 1.0 alpha, with 1.0 beta tentatively scheduled for early April 2011.

We would like to extend special thanks to [Scott González](, who has taken great care in crafting high quality code with massive test coverage. We’re privileged to have Scott as part of the [appendTo Team](

So take a moment and head over to []( if you haven’t already or watch the [repo on github]( Also on March 31st, Scott González will be giving a free webinar on Amplify, [be sure to sign up](