Blackberry 5: Now officially supported in jQuery Mobile

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One of the more popular requests for the jQuery Mobile team was for support for Blackberry 5. With Blackberry a standard issue phone in the enterprise you can see why this would be a highly requested feature for jQuery Mobile. The team announced recently that they now have a B grade level support for Blackberry 5 devices.

We’ve been working hard to support the Blackberry 5 platform and we’re happy to announce that jQuery Mobile now works great on our test Blackberry 5 devices. This platform has B grade support which means that all the enhanced styles and widgets work well within the CSS capabilities of the device, but Ajax navigation and page transitions aren’t supported so links and form submits result in a full page refresh.

Ajax navigation was problematic on BB5 because it lacks hashchange support for the history stack which essentially broke the back button behavior so disabling this feature resolves that issue and also speeds up the user experience. These devices tend to be fairly under-powered so very complex pages can take a bit longer to render but overlay works very well. There are of a few style improvements we need to tidy up, but sites built with jQuery Mobile should now work well on this platform. View the latest build to see it in action.

The jQuery Mobile team also announced Opera Mini and Opera Mobile performance improvements, a navigation core refactor and the roadmap for Datepicker. Keep up the great work guys!

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