appendTo Launches Free Developer Learning Center

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appendTo Launches Free Developer Learning Center

appendTo is proud to announce the launch of a new Developer Learning Center at appendTo was founded based on the growing need for quality jQuery training and support. appendTo’s Developer Learning Center was created specifically to fulfill that training need.

More and more companies are implementing JavaScript in their websites and applications and they are leveraging jQuery as well. Additionally, they’re looking for developers that are highly skilled in JavaScript including jQuery. We see the Developer Learning Center as a vehicle to train and mold these skilled professionals.

Mike Hostetler, CEO of appendTo states, “appendTo understands that the need for quality jQuery training is so large that we cannot totally fill it alone so we’re giving this content to the community in order to reach a wider audience.”

The Developer Learning Center launches with 48 topics within 8 lessons of JavaScript content. Some of the initial courses include topics covering JavaScript, Selectors, jQuery Methods, DOM Manipulation and jQuery Events. Each course has lessons mapped out so you can follow along.

Each video topic can be consumed on average within 10 minutes. You can register with your favorite social network to save your progress and easily pick up where you left off. And you can trust that we will never auto post to your social network without your express acknowledgement.

Andrew Wirick, Senior Trainer and Developer, explains the lesson structure, “Often learning is about understanding what prerequisite knowledge you need to know before tackling a subject. The goal of the lesson structure was to provide an interactive learning experience while also providing an easy way to tell what prerequisites a student needs.”

We’re very happy to provide this new learning site to the developer community and look forward to hearing your feedback on the material.