AmplifyJS’s Growing and Supportive Community

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AmplifyJS’s Growing and Supportive Community

It has been a busy several months since the release of AmplifyJS 1.0.0 on June 14, 2011. We are pleased to hear many of you starting to use the library in your applications.

We are continuing to work on the feature set for the release of AmplifyJS 1.1.0 and as we do so we’ve seen numerous presentations and contributions being made from the community that we’d like to share.


We are encouraged that numerous talks across the world are starting to list AmplifyJS as a tool to help build modern web applications. The following are some of the talks we are aware of.

If you’ve given a talk or you’ve heard a talk that has mentioned AmplifyJS that isn’t listed above we’d love to hear about it! Not only are we interested, but we want to publicly thank those that are promoting this library!


In addition to presentations, the AmplifyJS library has found it’s way into many of the mainstream projects as a bundled extension. Some of these include…

If you know of any other AmplifyJS extensions or if you’d like to help make it available please let us know.


A great sign that a project is healthy is if there are outside contributions. In addition to the contributions we saw before we launched the 1.0.0 release, we have also seen the following step forward and help AmplifyJS to be a better library.

Thanks again Adrien and Alexander. We hope that you’ll continue to make AmplifyJS better and we encourage others to contribute as well.