jQuery Conference 2012: UK Conference Training Workshops to be Given by appendTo

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We are very happy to announce two training workshops for the jQuery Conference 2012: United Kingdom. The trainings will be given by Doug Neiner, Ralph Whitbeck and Mike Hostetler of appendTo.

appendTo will be giving Introduction to jQuery and jQuery Mobile workshops. The workshops will be held on Thursday, 9 February, 2012 at the Lady Margaret Hall in Oxford, UK.

Introduction to jQuery

jQuery has become the most popular JavaScript library for developers because of it’s easy to learn and write. This course takes students through the basics of jQuery focused front-end development. This material is meant to establish a core foundation for developers. With a solid basis of jQuery and JavaScript understanding a developer will feel confident that they can add richness to their web applications.

jQuery Topics Covered*

  • Introduction
  • Find Something, Do Something
  • The jQuery Function
  • The jQuery Object
  • Events/Ajax/more…

* Topics subject to change

Price for the Introduction to jQuery workshop is £320 + VAT which includes a conference pass, £160 + VAT for just the training.

jQuery Mobile

jQuery mobile has gained undeniable press as a possible great solution to mobile web development. With a progressive enhancement approach jQuery mobile aims to allow a mobile web experience for all, while rewarding those with mobile devices capable of a rich experience.

This training will cover a comprehensive review of the jQuery Mobile Framework, walking through all of its new features and functionalities available to build robust and cross-platform mobile sites. The entire API will covered along with examples of how to use each component to its fullest potential.

The training concludes with a walk through of the construction of a jQuery Mobile application from scratch, all the way through to compiling a native version of the application with PhoneGap.

Topics Covered*

  • The state of the mobile web
  • jQuery Mobile Feature Overview
  • Building a jQuery Mobile application from scratch
  • Go native with jQuery Mobile + PhoneGap

* Topics subject to change

Price for the jQuery Mobile workshop is £420 + VAT which includes a conference pass, £270 + VAT for just the training.

For more information head over to the jQuery Conference Events site. Hope to see you there.