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Here Are the Two Things That Developers Value More Than Compensation When Choosing a Job

We have no shortage of sayings about the primacy of money. “Money talks”. “Show me the money”. “Put your money where your mouth is”. But we sometimes overestimate money's importance relative to many other things. This can be especially…

Adding Authentication in AWS with Amplify

If you’re familiar with using AWS for user authentication, DynamoDB, AppSync and other services in your app or website, you’ll love Amplify. Amplify is a command-line interface that takes a few shortcuts, avoids the clicking and navigation…
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What machine learning is today, and what it could be soon

If AI is a broad umbrella that includes the likes of sci-fi movies, the development of robots, and all sorts of technology that fuels legacy companies and startups, then machine learning is one of the metal tongs (perhaps the strongest) that…
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Reaching the Cloud: Is Everything Serverless?

As it goes in technology, as soon as we all adapt a new term, there will assuredly be another one ready to take its place. As we embrace cloud technology, migrating functions and software for organization, AI potential, timeliness, and flexibility,…
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When Technology Moves Faster Than Training, Bad Things Happen

Technology is changing how we design training, and it should. Unfortunately, many instructional designers are not producing the learning programs and products that today’s technical talent needs. Not because they don’t want to, but because…
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Working with ElasticSearch

The training course teaches architects, developers, and administrators the skills and knowledge needed to use Elasticsearch as a data index or data store with Kibana as the front-end and programatic access using the Application Program Interfaces…
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How to Build a Simple Chat App with React Native and Firebase

Nick is a mobile developer with wide experience in building iOS and Android applications at RubyGarage. He enjoys researching tech topics and sharing his knowledge with other developers. In mobile development, cross-platform applications…

Cleaning Dirty Data with Pandas & Python

Pandas is a popular Python library used for data science and analysis. Used in conjunction with other data science toolsets like SciPy, NumPy, and Matplotlib, a modeler can create end-to-end analytic workflows to solve business problems. While…

Building a Serverless Chatbot w/ AWS, Zappa, Telegram, and api.ai

If you've ever had to set up and maintain a web server before, you know the hassle of keeping it up-to-date, installing security patches, renewing SSL certificates, dealing with downtime, rebooting when things go wrong, rotating logs and all…


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