appendTo Welcomes Eli Perelman

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appendTo welcomes Eli Perelman as the company’s new trainer dedicated to full-time, on-site training. Eli is a front-end developer with a keen respect for user experiences, utilizing JavaScript, jQuery, C#, Node.js and other technologies.

Eli is excited to be involved with the training unit at appendTo and have the opportunity to teach and train the next generation of JavaScript and jQuery developers. By giving them a solid foundation of the language and coach them in best practices and front-end architecture, clients of appendTo training can rest assured that their developers are well equipped to handle the many issues they face today. Eli considers having that kind of impact on the technology profession an honor.

With more than eight years of experience, Eli maintains a passion for JavaScript and jQuery, and enjoys helping others advance their talent and career with his involvement in the Omaha Front-end Web and jQuery Meetup among other speaking and community ventures.

When not sitting in front of a screen, Eli spends time with his wife and four boys and enjoys photography, stargazing, fishing and playing drums. appendTo is excited to have him as part of the team.