directors, managers, or team leaders are planning training for their
, they are faced with many difficult decisions. How to schedule
the class around project schedules, how to fit the cost into the budget, and
how the training should be delivered are all important questions to consider
when a training initiative is being planned.

are a variety of training delivery models out there, so which one should you
choose? Should you fly the team somewhere to attend a public class or
conference? No, that's probably too expensive, especially these days. Should
everyone do self-paced training on their own? No, that won't be nearly as
effective. What other options are available?

most effective and economical solution is to have a dedicated,
instructor-led course
either on-site at your organization or virtually. On-site and virtual classes
each have different advantages, so it is important to align those advantages
with your team's current projects and learning goals. To help you do that, I
have outlined the top five advantages to having an instructor come on-site for
dedicated course. Next
week, I will take a closer look at the top five advantages to an
instructor-led, virtual class.

Top Five Advantages To An Instructor-Led, On-Site Training Course:

1. Live instructor: Books
are a great resource – that’s why we
bundle Safari books online
 with our
courses – but nothing can replace having an expert sit down with your team,
learn more about the team environment, and deliver a training course that is
relevant to your team's experience, current projects, and future learning

2. Hands-on learning: All of our instructors are personable and friendly, and they do not want to lecture your
team for eight hours a day. They want to sit down with your team, get their
hands dirty, and help your team put their knowledge into action.

3. Dedicated: If you
join a public class, there will be a large group of people with varied
backgrounds, all asking different questions, and there just isn't enough time
to address everyone's personal needs. That's why having an instructor come
on-site to your organization, focused on delivered a course that is strictly
dedicated to your team, is the most effective training solution.

4. Economical: While your team would love to fly out to Colorado
for a week full of learning and skiing, for most companies, that's just not
practical anymore. Budgets are shrinking and costs are rising. Every budget
quote we give our customers has travel costs built in, so your team doesn't
need to worry about those additional costs.

5. Your team is in the office: It's Tuesday afternoon, your team
is at a training course, and suddenly, BAM: your server goes down. Your
business can't afford to wait for this problem to be addressed. By having a
training course delivered on-site, your team is still in the office, and can
still address critical questions and issues that arise.

We can help your organization deliver a
customized training course to your employees, no matter where they’re located.
Contact a consultant today, via phone at (877) 629-5631 or email at info@developintelligence.com, to learn more about your training options.

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