Instructor-Led Training vs. Self-Paced Solutions

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Instructor-Led Training vs. Self-Paced Solutions

Earlier today, I spoke with a training and development manager at an organization that produces over $1 billion in annual revenue. During our conversation, I was surprised to learn that they had started an organizational shift away from instructor-led training, opting to put their thousands of employees through self-paced training. The first thought that occurred to me was how disorganized their training initiatives must be – I imagined thousands of employees staring at a screen, trying to learn by themselves, without the guidance of an expert or professional in that respective field.

Her reasoning for this fundamental shift was the productivity lost when teams attend instructor-led training, which can sometimes last a week. It is a valid reason – we’ve worked with many teams that simply can’t afford to lose a week’s worth of work from their team members. However, there are many ways around this issue, such as cross-training teams, doing one-day sprints over multiple weeks, or doing half-day training sessions.

Taking a step back for a second, the core question is, what is a more effective training delivery format: instructor-led training or self-paced training? To me, this is a no-brainer – 100%, without a doubt, instructor-led training is more effective. There is nothing that replaces the experience and expertise of having an instructor deliver a relevant and personalized training class to your team, live and in person. The knowledge learned through interacting with an expert in their field, being able to ask questions, is invaluable.

We all know how boring and frustrating it can be to stare at a book or screen and try to learn a difficult concept. Why would you want to put your employees through this? It’s a no-win situation.

Bringing a live instructor on-site to your organization, who is willing to customize the class to your team’s unique needs and answer the team’s questions pertaining to their projects, is a win-win for everybody. Your team will learn the material they need to learn, not what’s printed between the bindings. You’ve put them in a position to succeed, and your organization will benefit as a result.

That’s why all of DevelopIntelligence’s classes are instructor-led. We want to provide your team with a relevant learning solution taught by an expert in their field. We want your team to succeed.

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