September Training Opportunity in Omaha

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September Training Opportunity in Omaha

You can [sign up now]( for the next appendTo jQuery training session, which will be held at the [Contemporary Analysis HQ in Omaha, Neb]( [Eli Perelman]( is the featured trainer of sessions that run from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Monday, September 24 through Wednesday, September 26.

appendTo’s jQuery training is structured in a lecture-lab format so participants get hands-on, practical experience. Sessions are limited to 12 to ensure each participant gets personalized interaction.

The constantly evolving curriculum is focused on real-world challenges facing developers and is organized to promote fast comprehension and retention, with each topic building on the previous and becoming more advanced.

Topics will include:

**Day 1**

* JavaScript 101
* JavaScript 102
* Find Something
* Do Something
* JavaScript Functions and jQuery
* DOM Manipulation

**Day 2**

* Debugging JS
* Selector and DOM Performance
* Events
* Ajax and Data Formats
* Animation
* Code Organization

**Day 3**

* Advanced Events
* Plugins
* Contextual jQuery
* Contextual jQuery Selectors
* jQuery UI Introduction
* jQuery Mobile Introduction

For more information and to register, visit the [appendTo Training website]( Bring your laptop to Omaha and we’ll see you there for premier jQuery training!
If you would like to sign up for our low-volume mailing list to be notified about future trainings, do it [here]( If you would like to schedule a private remote training for a larger team or on different topic, please contact .