appendTo Helps Launch Responsive Design

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Today, launched its new responsive website with the help of appendTo. Responsive web design allows the content of a website to adapt based on the user’s device, whether a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. approached appendTo earlier this year to set the direction for the technical responsive approach and build a strong foundation for its internal team to pick up and carry to completion.’s design team, led by Davina Anthony, worked closely with appendTo’s Doug Neiner, Joel Glovier and Ralph Whitbeck to implement the new design.

In addition to the straightforward problems facing a responsive design, the project required responsive header and footer menus able to transform to differing columns and widths as well as become dropdown menus when the display becomes narrower. It was also restricted by the requirement of fixed ads sizes and automatic ad selection based on screen size.’s design team gave appendTo the ability to make minor design decisions to unify variations between comps at different breakpoints, which allowed the project to be completed more quickly.

We are humbled and thankful to have participated with Time on this project.

If you’re interested in the technical challenges and approach on the project, you can read the case study.

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