As the end of the year approaches,
many organizations are left with a thin training budget – if there are funds
left at all. Next year's outlook for the training budget is unclear, with the
fiscal cliff and other economic concerns awaiting in 2013. So, how can you and
your team get up to speed on the latest software and web development
technologies with a low or no training budget?

While bringing a DevelopIntelligence instructor on-site to deliver a
highly-customized training course to your team is the easiest option, we've put
together a list of no/low training budget resources to help you and your team
battle through the trenches:

YouTube: You can find an endless number of free tutorials on YouTube,
covering everything from web development to software engineering. DevelopIntelligence's
YouTube Channel
 has close to 40,000 views and features
tutorials on Java, JavaScript, and other topics.

Khan Academy: A not-for-profit
organization aimed at delivering free world-class education, Khan Academy has a
specific section on Computer Science that
can help a beginner get up to speed on a range of topics.

Safari Books Online: A great resource that gives you instant access to thousands of
technical books. DevelopIntelligence bundles an annual Safari Books
 subscription with
our training for each student, for good reason.

Code Academy: An interactive website
that teaches web development technologies such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS,
Python, Ruby, and jQuery. CodeAcademy is a great way for beginners to get
their hands dirty in web development.

Udemy: A collection of
off-the-shelf training courses, added by their owners/producers who charge a
small fee. Udemy features courses on everything from
Microsoft Excel to Java.

Peer Mentoring: Sometimes,
getting together with a peer who has more experience than you is a great way to
learn. It may not fit the traditional style of teaching or learning, but it
will allow you to learn through hands-on work and witness the best practices of
a seasoned veteran.

We hope that these resources can help you or your team get the
training needed to put out the latest fire or pump out the next release. If it
isn't, give us a call at (877) 629-5631 or send us an email – we are happy to help you find the right training

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