The Picasso Lesson: Making It Look Easy

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The Picasso Lesson: Making It Look Easy

Have you heard this folktale about Pablo Picasso? Picasso was sitting in a public place. A woman recognized him and asked, “Would you draw a portrait of me on this?” She handed him a cocktail napkin. Picasso quickly drew the picture, and returned the napkin to the woman. “Thanks,” she said. “How much do I owe you for your trouble?” “5,000 francs, madam,” replied Picasso. The woman choked, “5,000? But it only took you a minute!” Picasso replied, “No, madam. That took me my entire life.”

After an hour of Googling, I have yet to find the origin of that story; it has been repeated and rehashed for decades. The morale of the story reveals something we already know: our knowledge has value. Being able to make something that is incredibly difficult look to be simple is the application of a lifetime’s amalgamation of knowledge. So, why do we have expressions like, “Those who can’t do, teach”?

Earlier this month, I wrote I wrote a post, asking if your technical instructor is a hack; in summary, it boils down to two types of experience: teaching experience and hands-on knowledge of the subject matter. I’m 28; I started tinkering with websites when I was 13. It took me most of my life to know how to look at a website and tell the webmaster it could be fixed with three lines of code. I can build a CSS3/HTML5 responsive framework for WordPress in my sleep.

I make it look easy, but it has taken me my whole life to get here – and I study daily to make sure I stay there. More than that, though, I had to learn how to explain the ins and outs of what I was doing, why it was necessary, how I was going to do it, and how it would affect the websites I was working on. This is another knowledge set that closely resembles instruction – but usually with money or company assets involved, and a lot of stakeholders looking over your shoulder.

There is no doubt a correlation exists between the level of the instructor’s hands-on knowledge and the level of education bestowed. The best instructors will always be the ones who understand their topic inside and out, with the passion of a giddy toddler in a candy store. DevelopIntelligence is full of these instructors. If you are lucky enough to get to meet the whole DevelopIntelligence team, you will notice there’s a lot more than a set of instructors with knowledge on a range of topics. Every single one I meet has that same glint in their eye when talking about their favorite topic. That glint in their eye? It’s a dare: just try to find something in my wheelhouse I can’t teach you. They love to share it. They love using good lessons to bridge the gap between “know enough to be dangerous” and “could code it in my sleep.”

15 years in web development nets you the ability to make web development look easy. A similar devotion to teaching gets you the glint in your eye. Putting the two together – that’s what makes for an amazing instructor. See what our students say about our instructors, then get in touch with a consultant today at (877) 629-5631 or email.