Introducing BrowserSwarm – Automated cross-browser JavaScript testing

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Introducing BrowserSwarm – Automated cross-browser JavaScript testing


It’s become cliche to say it takes a village to do something. Yet, when it comes to the Web, it’s true. The Web is built, and continues to thrive, because of the ongoing contributions of many members of the wider technology community.

We’re really pleased to be making what we believe is a very meaningful contribution to this community today.

As you’ve likely seen and heard by now, Microsoft, appendTo and Sauce Labs introduced BrowserSwarm today.

Microsoft, appendTo and Sauce Labs want you to spend less time testing your JavaScript across multiple browsers and more time innovating. BrowserSwarm automates the testing of your JavaScript against a wide range of common browsers – helping you quickly recognize exactly where issues arise.

This project was born while at a developer conference last year where the problem was raised of the lack of good cross browser testing.  Projects such as jQuery’s Test Swarm exist, but they are difficult to set up and replicate for other projects that don’t have the same access to resources and infrastructure.  Other continuous integrations systems, such as Travis-CI, are also readily available but don’t provide an easy way to facilitate robust cross-browser testing.

Access to a robust tool that can easily handle the massive burden of cross-browser testing is essential to producing high quality Modern Web projects today.  Automating this process empowers innovation, something we deeply value at appendTo.

The ability to share BrowserSwarm with you today is something of which we’re very proud. We look forward to your feedback and to the opportunity to continue to contribute to the foundations for the Modern Web.