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DevelopIntelligence Certification

Often, a prospective student asks if they will be certified after completing one of our courses.

While it may not be industry-recognized, we do provide a certificate to every student who completes a course. The DevelopIntelligence certificate represents that the student successfully completed an in-depth, hands-on training course, taught by an industry-leading expert.

Below, Mahi Inampudi, Director of Architecture and Technical Operations at, shows off his Apache Solr Training certificate from last week's class with Michael McClure, our Apache Solr expert. Michael worked with Mahi's team to deliver a customized Apache Solr training course that quickly reviewed fundamentals, picked up where they were in the adoption stage, and ended with the information the team needed to accomplish their goals.

Mahi with Michael

Above: Michael McClure, DevelopIntelligence, and Mahi Inampudi,

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