Hopefully, setting personal and professional training goals
is an integral part of your organization’s annual performance review process,
and/or something you do at the beginning of each calendar year. If not, make 2014
the year
you place personal development and training goal setting at the
top of your “To Do” list.

When creating goals, it’s important to set goals that are
clear and specific, challenging yet attainable, measurable, and to which you
and your supervisor both agree. Training goals are no different. Setting
quarterly training goals is an easy way to help make sure you attain your
objectives incrementally, throughout the year. It’s human nature to tend to
wait until the last minute to do something – when goals are all due at the end
of a year, we end up rushing to fulfill them in the last quarter. However,
training does not lend itself well to this sort of cramming – classes may not
be available when you need them, or job duties will prevent you from getting courses
done in a short time frame. If you commit to training once per quarter,
accomplishing these goals is less stressful – and more likely to happen.

Setting quarterly training objectives tells your supervisor
that you are serious about your personal development. Work with your supervisor
to set your training objectives – your supervisor may consider other employees
who would benefit from additional training opportunities. Chances are, if you
are looking to grow your skills or build new ones, others in your organization
are looking for ways to do the same. Once you and your supervisor have agreed
to your training objectives, this agreement creates a documented plan that
prevents you or your supervisor from road blocking your goal achievement. If
such a road block comes up, simply saying, “This training is an objective,”
tends to remove the barrier.

As you plan your 2014 quarterly training goals, keep us in
mind. We offer a variety
of programming training courses
; group training opportunities are a great
way to make sure multiple employees meet their quarterly training objectives,
and are often more cost-effective than sending employees to training courses
randomly throughout the year.

Once you’ve set your quarterly training objectives, review
our course catalog and
discuss the options with your supervisor. Our consultants are available, via
phone at (877) 629-5631 or email,
to help determine what courses would best fit your needs.

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