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Course Updates: JavaScript

Course Updates: JavaScript

Our course
continue to receive updates, all designed to meet your 2014
training needs. In addition to our recent HTML
and CSS course updates
, we’ve updated our JavaScript courses.

According to
our 2014 Developer Survey, JavaScript is one of the coding languages used most
commonly with Java, the leading programming language. If you’re a web
developer, you need to be up-to-date with relevant JavaScript training –
combined with HTML and CSS, these skills are the trifecta for web development

Introduction to JavaScript

Learn the
basics of JavaScript, and the ways in which it can help you to create more
engaging and interactive experiences in your web designs, in our Introduction
to JavaScript

Effective JavaScript

Our Effective
course will teach you to use test-driven development in your
JavaScript programming, as well as practical techniques to make your JavaScript
programming efficient and effective.

Advanced JavaScript

Continue building
your JavaScript skills in our Advanced
course. You’ll learn about frameworks, APIs, and other integral
elements of JavaScript programming.

JavaScript Boot Camp

Learn the basics of this programming language, along with the latest
techniques and trends being used by developers to create interactive and highly
functional web experiences – all in our five-day JavaScript
Boot Camp

JavaScript Data, AJAX, and REST

Our four-day course in JavaScript
Data, AJAX, and REST
will teach you how data is loaded in web browsers,
helping you create sites that load better, faster, and more responsively. Take
this course when you’re ready for advanced web development tools and

Introduction to jQuery

Learn how to use the jQuery JavaScript framework to build vigorous web
applications in our four-day Introduction
to jQuery

Fully Customized

each of these courses, and all of the courses in our catalog, we offer customization
to fit your specific needs

Contact our consultants today, at (877)
629-5631 or via email,
to discuss what you are looking for in JavaScript training, and how we can help
you plan your training roadmap.

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