Do you need jQuery? Can you afford the risk?

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It seems that the issue of, “Do you need jQuery”, makes the headline rounds every few months. I always giggle when I see these posts, because they try to make the point that browsers have evolved to the place where native JavaScript methods can replace jQuery methods.

Measure by risk

Our position here at appendTo, as on many things in the Modern Web, comes down to risk.

  • Can you afford the added cost and added risk to build a production level project without jQuery?
  • Do you want to depend on Browser API’s staying consistent for the entire lifecycle of your Modern Web application?

Your answer may be different. For any serious application, we wouldn’t take the risk and we don’t think you should either.

FluentConf 2014

We’re incredibly excited to be participating in FluentConf next week. Fluent has emerged as one of our favorite Modern Web events and if you’re attending, please stop by our booth to say hi. Our own VP of Training, Ralph Whitbeck, is speaking on “Performance Tips when Developing with jQuery Mobile” on Thursday at 12:00pm. See you there!