New To Our Catalog: ITIL Courses

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New To Our Catalog: ITIL Courses

Our retinue of new offerings in our course catalog continues. In addition to our new .NET courses, we are excited to announce a new set of ITIL courses.

ITIL, or Information Technology Infrastructure Library, is a framework for IT service management, focused on aligning IT services with business needs. ITIL is designed to help tech service managers gain control over their service management and delivery.

ITIL helps you manage your company’s IT environment efficiently, fix problems quickly, and prevent problems from occurring. Implementing the ITIL framework makes it easier to enhance your team’s service management program, and we can help get you there.

ITIL Foundation

New to ITIL? Our ITIL Foundation course will get you started. You will learn how to adopt and adapt an IT Service Management framework, to help your organization manage its service and delivery. This course prepares you for, and includes, the ITIL Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management examination.

ITIL Continual Service Improvement

Learn the CSI concepts, processes and activities your organization needs in order to benefit from improvement opportunities in our ITIL Continual Service Improvement course.

ITIL Service Operation

Our ITIL Service Operation course will teach you how to deliver and manage stability, using Service Operation principles, processes, and organization tools.

ITIL Service Transition

Our ITIL Service Transition course will prepare you to successfully implement new and changed services, using Service Transition principles, processes, and organization tools.

ITIL Service Design

You will learn the managerial and control principles, processes, and activities you need to effectively design and deliver value-added services in Our ITIL Service Design course.

ITIL Service Strategy

In our ITIL Service Strategy course, you will learn the managerial and supervisory aspects of Service Strategy, and how Service Management impacts your customer’s organization.

Fully Customized

For each of these courses, and all of the courses in our catalog, we offer customization to fit your specific needs. Contact our consultants today, at (877) 629-5631 or via email, to discuss what you are looking for in ITIL training, and how we can help you plan your learning solutions program.