We Now Offer .NET Courses

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We Now Offer .NET Courses

April showers bring…new courses!

We’re continuing to revamp our course catalog, updating current courses and adding new ones, all designed to meet your 2014 developer learning needs. Last month, we updated our HTML, CSS and JavaScript courses; this month, we’re bringing a new set of courses to our offerings.

.NET, software framework developed by Microsoft, helps developers build next generation Windows and web applications using consistent object-oriented programming environments. Along with the Class library and CLR (Common Language Runtime), .NET users work with Microsoft’s Visual Studio, an extensive IDE (integrated development environment) in order to create mixed-language solutions.

The .NET Framework gives you access to key tools that simplify development of ASP.Net MVC Web applications and XML Web services.

Essential C#

Set yourself up for future .NET coursework with this four-day course in C# basics. In Essential C#, you’ll learn how to structure your stand-alone application, explore object-oriented programming, and more.

.NET Fundamentals

New to .NET? Our .NET Fundamentals course will set you up with the basics of building .NET applications, including an introduction to Base Class Library. You’ll learn about exceptions, security, and other .NET-related essentials.

Entity Framework

This three-day Entity Framework course is designed to help the experienced .NET developer explore the ways in which to leverage Microsoft’s open-source data access technology in building data tiers and frameworks.

Concurrent .NET

In our Concurrent .NET course, you will learn how to use parallel processing to take advantage of the multiple cores found in modern processors. We’ll explore the varying options available, and the role concurrency plays in your programming decisions.

Building Web Applications with ASP MVC

In our four-day Building Web Applications with ASP MVC course, you will learn front- and back-end tools for building a robust, enterprise-grade web application. We’ll explore, in-depth, ASP MVC elements and the ways in which they can be used to accomplish your web application development goals.


Familiar with .NET? Take your knowledge further in our RESTful .NET course, as you learn to design, architect, build, and consume RESTful web services using Microsoft’s WebAPI.

WS-Star with WCF

Learn how to build standards-compliant, enterprise-grade web services using Microsoft WCF in our WS-Star with WCF course. After this three-day course, you’ll understand WCF basics and architecture, and how to use these tools to build more secure applications.

Fully Customized

For each of these courses, and all of the courses in our catalog, we offer customization to fit your specific needs. Contact our consultants today, at (877) 629-5631 or via email, to discuss what you are looking for in .NET training, and how we can help you plan your learning solutions program.