Exploring Developer Learning Motivations

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Exploring Developer Learning Motivations

In this week’s installment in our 2014 DI Developer Survey Report blog series, we explore the motivations behind developer learning. (Missed the introduction to this series? You can find it here.)

The survey focused on a variety of developer learning preferences. One of these facets of developer learning was motivation – we wanted to know what drives developers to spend their time learning about existing and emerging technologies.

Our survey found that 40% of developers are motivated by curiosity or a desire to improve their skills. Developers are known to be self-motivated, particularly when it comes to improving skills or learning new technologies. Keeping this in mind, the learning plans you design for developers should include planned time to explore new technologies.

Another top motivator is the desire to be successful in current and upcoming job tasks. 35% of surveyed developers consider training to be vital in their ability to successfully complete projects, both now and in the future. To support this need, your leaning solutions should include opportunities related to your team’s current projects.

Understanding what motivates developers to spend their time learning more about technology will help you design learning programs that better support the “why” behind the training. Doing so can greatly impact innovation, employee retention, and job satisfaction.

Next week, we’ll delve into developers’ preferred methods of learning. You’ll discover what learning opportunities developers love (and which they hate), helping you get the most bang for your training buck. We’ll also share ways in which you can add variety to your learning plans.

Interested in reading more about developer learning preferences? Download your free copy of the 2014 DI Developer Survey Report today.