How Developers Like To Learn (Or, “Stop Throwing Your Training Dollars Away”)

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How Developers Like To Learn (Or, “Stop Throwing Your Training Dollars Away”)

We’re checking out developers’ preferred learning methods in this week’s 2014 DI Developer Survey Report blog series post.
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In our Developer Learning Survey, we asked developers to rank today’s commonly used learning methods, because understanding how developer learn best is as important to us as it is to you. We were surprised by the results, which shined a spotlight on the disconnect between trendy learning modes and what developers feel is most effective.

Most Preferred

Over half the developers ranked reading and group ILT (instructor-led training) as their most preferred learning methods. These are, fortunately, easily combined into an effective learning strategy – combining in-person courses with an online technical library can offer a holistic learning plan that will enable developers to grow their skills.

Least Preferred

Virtual ILT and attending a conference tied for developers’ second least-favorite learning formats, with mobile self-paced learning earning the bottom spot with a mere 1% ranking. These results were surprising, since these learning modes are rapidly gaining popularity, and are often adopted as the main learning opportunites offered to developers.

So, what does this mean for your learning plans? These results show that companies investing solely in conferences, VILT, and mobile learning are wasting valuable training dollars – and having a negative effect on employee morale. Making sure to include learning methods that your developers prefer will not only lead to happier engineers; it will help ensure you are getting the most out of your training budget.

Next week, we’ll discuss how much time developers spend learning, and why ignoring their learning habits can lead to disaster.

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