Why Should I Learn Node.js?

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Why Should I Learn Node.js?

On Thursday, October 9, 2014, developers in the Boulder-area will spend a day learning about Node.js in our Introduction to Node.js hack-a-thon. We want to make sure you are one of those developers.

Wondering why you should learn Node.js? We have several good reasons in today’s blog post.

Your Competitors are Already Using It

Your competitors are using Node.js to move quickly while building quality into highly interactive web applications. Node.js is the future and Silicon Valley is well aware of it.  Companies such as Yahoo, PayPal, Uber, and VMWare are not only using it, they are investing in large changes to their infrastructure to support massive Node.js development. To an engineer, this is your ticket to job security. To a company, this is a tool that can help you remain competitive.

It Makes Event Development Easy

Excitement surrounds Node.js because it implements a non-blocking, event-driven I/O model. This allows developers to rapidly develop applications that share a single thread and single global state. Node.js works off of an event loop and it handles events in the order in which they are raised. In order for this to work, it requires asynchronous architecture at which JavaScript excels. Think about how easy it is to subscribe to jQuery events, now imagine if it were that easy to subscribe to events raised by the server? This means if you presently understand the basics of jQuery events, you are ready to put those same skills to use building socket applications.

It Will Make You a Better Web Application Developer

With a bit of training in Node.js, a JavaScript developer has the skills to become a full stack Engineer. Node.js can help you build interactive web applications that are easily scalable, can handle high traffic loads, and are capable of being updated to respond to user feedback every single day.

If you’re in the Boulder-Denver-Front Range area on October 9, make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity to get hands-on experience in one of today’s hottest programming platforms. Early bird pricing ends soon – register here today.