We’re excited
to announce we’ve added 20 new Agile courses to our course catalog, along with several
Hadoop courses and an Android Development Boot Camp, pushing our current course
count to more than 200 developer, manager, and executive courses taught by our
excellent instructors.


Are you looking
to get started with Agile development? Does your team need to learn how to use
Kanban, XP, Scrumban, or Selenium? How’s your Agile project estimating skill? With
more than 20 options available
, we can get everyone on your team – from
executives to managers to developers – up to speed on whatever Agile skills
they need to be successful.

Agile is one of
today’s hottest software project management methodologies. Agile programmers
perform small, iterative releases that allow quick releases of software
development, rather than long, drawn-out release schedules. Your development
team needs Agile to build better programs more quickly.


Hadoop is a set
of utilities that support Apache Hadoop modules. This modern distributed file
system is used for Big Data, applications, and Cloud. Our
courses include
something for everyone, including managers, developers, and

Android Development

A hands-on
experience, our Android
Development Boot Camp
is designed to prepare you for developing apps for
Android by teaching you the latest app development techniques and skills.

Fully Customized

each of these courses, and all of the courses in our catalog, we offer customization
to fit your team’s specific needs
. Contact our consultants today, at
(877) 629-5631 or via email,
to discuss your 2015 learning plan needs and how we can help.

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