Join Us for Newco Boulder

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Kellye Whitney
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Join Us for Newco Boulder

DevelopIntelligence is excited to be part of Newco’s first event in Boulder on Tuesday, November 18.

A one-day, city-wide celebration of entrepreneurship and innovation across all industries, NewCo brings participants into Boulder’s most innovative companies, giving insight into each of their worlds and how they achieved success. NewCo Boulder is free and open to anyone; registration is required.

During our session, at 10:30am at our office, Kelby will explain the variety of challenges companies face in attracting, retaining, and growing technical talent. We will explore the reasons behind these difficulties, and ways companies can improve their developer learning programs. Additionally, Kelby will discuss our company evolution from simply providing training to individuals and teams, to providing total learning management guidance and support to overworked and under-resourced L&D and HR managers – and how our company values and passions influenced this change. We’ll also share how we’re doing this without sacrificing our original mission of providing high-quality training at fair prices.