Case Study: Investment Firm Replaces an Outdated Application

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Case Study: Investment Firm Replaces an Outdated Application

Case Study

Since 2003, we’ve training more than 40,000 engineers across 300 different organizations. Typically, our learning services are designed to solve a specific problem the organization is experiencing – often, a problem that is keeping a team from accomplishing a key objective, causing frustration for all involved.

In our Case Study series, we will explore some of the unique problems faced by these organizations, and how our approach to technical learning has enabled the successful achievement of a strategic goal. This first installment will review a large investment firm’s complex and unique application problem, and how our approach helped solve that problem.


A once-valuable, critical business application began to hinder the organization due to its dated technology and decreased functionality; the development team was not equipped to replace the application.

As it became clear that the current business application in question no longer met their business needs, the investment firm knew it needed a solution that:

  • Leveraged the intellectual property of the existing team
  • Provided a productive environment for the development team to explore emerging technologies
  • Did not significantly impact the project schedule

…a complex problem that fell outside traditional training offerings.


Through our Needs Assessment process, we proactively helped the investment firm identify technical learning requirements across the organization. Each team member completed a quick survey, designed by our team to gather the best data while respecting the employee’s privacy.

Once the surveys were complete, we analyzed the results and strategically consolidated the learning requirements, making sure to design a plan that maximized the technical learning budget while meeting the technical learning needs.

Based on the business drivers and individuals involved, we created a continuous learning program that was spread across the software development effort. The program included a blended learning approach that leveraged our hands-on training, mentored prototype development and mentoring formats, allowing the development team to build their skills while they were building a functional prototype.


The effectiveness of the learning program allowed the software development team to successfully build and deliver a functional prototype on time, which replaced the languishing product.

Is your organization experiencing frustration with outdated applications? Contact our consultants today, at (877) 629-5631 or via email, to discuss how we can help alleviate those frustrations through a customized, effective, and efficient learning solution.