New Course: Introduction to Dojo

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New Course: Introduction to Dojo

We’re excited to announce that we’ve added a new Introduction

to Dojo course to our ever-expanding JavaScript catalog.

Dojo, one of today’s hottest JavaScript frameworks, allows developers to build dynamic, cross-platform web applications quickly and easily. The Dojo toolkit works alongside JavaScript and/or Ajax to create high quality, responsive, and robust web applications.

Our Introduction to Dojo course is designed to get students comfortable with adopting the Dojo toolkit quickly. The course covers the basics of Dojo, as well as querying, events, widgets, classes and more. Students will learn how to use Dojo with both Ajax and JavaScript, and meet Dojo’s grid (dgrid) function.

This course assumes your developers are already working in JavaScript. If your team needs to brush up on their JavaScript skills, check out our Core JavaScript courses.

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