New to Our Catalog: OpenStack Courses

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New to Our Catalog: OpenStack Courses

We’re excited to announce the addition of OpenStack to our course catalog.

An open-source set of software tools, OpenStack allows developers to build and manage cloud computing platforms. Through the OpenStack Foundation, cloud programmers can find free, shared resources developed by their fellow OpenStack users. We’re proud to support the OpenStack mission.

OpenStack Adminstration

Is your team new to OpenStack? Our OpenStack Administration course will give your developer team an in-depth overview, as well as how to leverage the platform within your organization’s environment. They’ll learn about the OpenStack architecture, as well as setting up, managing, and administering cloud platforms.

This course is hands-on, with most of the course devoted to creating a private OpenStack cloud. Your team will leave the class ready to dive into OpenStack programming.

OpenStack Cloud Architecture and Deployment

When your team is ready to take its OpenStack learning a step further, our OpenStack Cloud Architecture and Deployment course will give them an in-depth understanding of advanced networking, storage and HA solutions. It also explores the OpenStack Cloud Reference architecture, including the roles and best practices for scalability.

We’ll delve into infrastructure, including managing guest virtual machines, software defined networks, distributed storage, and HA in the cloud. Finally, your team will learn how to keep your OpenStack Cloud secure.

Additionally, we offer an OpenStack Cloud Architecture and Deployment Lab, which focuses on OpenStack deployment through a series of labs.

Contact our consultants today, at (877) 629-5631 or via email, to explore how our customized OpenStack courses will help your team with its cloud computing development.