Tech and Training Reads – December 2015

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Tech and Training Reads – December 2015

Training Reads

Coding is boring, unless…

The software industry has a turnover problem. This causes problems for teams, projects, and companies. Check out one startup’s approach for retaining their developer talent through constant learning and growth.

Why Virtual Classes Can Be Better Than Real Ones

Massive online open courses (aka MOOCs) get a lot of flak for their low completion and retention rates. But these courses become more popular and refined each year. Instructor of one of the largest MOOCs, Engineering Professor Barbara Oakley, makes a compelling argument for MOOC’s pedagogical advantages. It comes down to using video in the right way.

How Gamification Reshapes Corporate Training

Gamification is the use of game-design elements in non-game contexts. Think badges, rewards, and leaderboards. These and other game elements are helping auditing firm Deloitte increase its corporate training engagement.

Tech Reads

What is a coder’s worst nightmare?

Hundreds of programmers give their perspectives and stories on the things that haunt developers. The answers cover impossible bugs, organizational politics, trying to understand other people’s code, documentation dilemmas, and many other scenarios.

Why is it so hard to find a good front end developer?

Front end developers are the unicorns of the programming world. The field requires raw engineering chops paired with design intuition. This piece describes why it’s so hard to find talent in this field.

Must See JavaScript Dev Tools That Put Other Dev Tools to Shame

A front-end engineer details the best developer tools for 2016. Worth skimming through and forwarding to your developers.