Running Linux? You could still be exposed to WannaCry

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Running Linux? You could still be exposed to WannaCry

Ryan Blunden, a Developer, and Educator has learned a lot about the development of technical training for organizations, teams, systems and code bases. And he wanted to share this important message.

If you’re running Linux, you cold still be exposed to the WannaCry Ransomware.

You might be thinking that if you’re running a non-Windows operating system, that you can’t possibly be at risk to the affects of the WannaCry Ransomware. But an article published this week on highlights a potential risk to Linux OS.

“Unix-like operating system such as macOS, FreeBSD and others are not vulnerable to the flaw. However, you must take care if you are using Samba software on Linux or Unix-like system. Make sure you disable SMB version 1 on Windows clients.”

It highlights the importance of fully investigating vulnerabilities, even if the supposedly affected systems are not ones you maintain.

It’s also a critical reminder of how important a full-backup system with (encrypted and redundancy as standard) is. Even if your computer was crypto-locked by WannaCry, if you had a clean backup to restore to, then you’re not at the mercy of the ransom.