Kotlin is now a first-class language for Android

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Kotlin is now a first-class language for Android

Many android developers using Java have been envious of their iOS developer counterparts who welcomed Swift as a long overdue and modern language with which to build native apps.

Many languages, like Scala, can run on the JVM. Kotlin has been used in the past for Android apps but it was never officially supported by Android. As a result, using Kotlin was always a more difficult path to take and one that more conservative tech leads were hesitant to embrace.

Android Devs, welcome to your new and improved language – Kotlin

All that changed on the Google I/O Keynote this week when it was announced that Android Studio 3 would ship with Kotlin as a supported language out of the box.

Kotlin, as a language, feels a lot more modern and concise than Java:

For example, check out Hello World in Kotlin.

   fun main(args : Array<String>) {

       val scope  = "world"

       println("Hello, $scope!")


Its most popular features are:

  • The relatively concise syntax
  • Type inference
  • Functional programming features such as Lambdas
  • Nice string interpolation
  • Easier generics

There’s no reason to not adopt Kotlin for your Android projects,

  • Kotlin compiles to JVM byte code and targets Java 6.
  • Kotlin programs can access existing Java frameworks and libraries.
  • It is not so different to Java and will not take long to learn.

Develop Intelligence now delivering Kotlin on Android courses

We’ve started to receive some questions from clients about whether we will offer training on Kotlin for Android and the answer is definitely yes! Please get in touch to learn more.

Are you an Android Developer who loves Kotlin and would love to teach?

We are always looking for passionate developers who wanting to share their hard-earned knowledge and experience with others. If you’re knowledgeable with Kotlin and want to help others embrace its syntactical goodness for writing Android apps, then reach out to us as we’d love to hear from you.

Hopefully you’re at least intrigued to learn about the possibilities Kotlin could hold in store for you or your team.

You can get started by checking out Android projects written in Kotlin by Google.