Where to Study Web Development (Solo) in 2017

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Kellye Whitney
Kyle brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in elearning course platforms, including extensive exposure to thousands of online courses and teaching styles. He has BAs in Psychology and Marketing from the UW Seattle.

Where to Study Web Development (Solo) in 2017

appendTo offers web development training courses for teams of developers. That said, we realize many people are learning web development and JavaScript on their own. Thankfully, there’s more resources than ever for solo learners.

Here’s some of our favorite spots to learn web development in 2017:

Front-end Developer Handbook 2017

This free online book gives a comprehensive ‘lay of the land’ on how the various frontend technologies tie together and where to learn more about them.

Free Code Camp

Free Code Camp is a growing community of solo code learners with pathways and challenges to learn the essential parts of programming and web development. Their blog has some of the most original and helpful content on the web development learning space.


LearnCode.Academy is a set of free, friendly videos that teaches technologies like React, Redux, and Mobx.


Scotch offers hundreds of free tutorials on the latest web development libraries and frameworks.

CSS Tricks

CSS tricks also features hundreds of high quality tutorials on most front-end topics.


Udacity offers dozens of high-quality up-to-date video tutorials on numerous programming topics.

Pluralsight (paid)

Pluralsight offers hundreds of video courses on many major programming languages, frameworks, and libraries.


EggHead offers video courses on React, JavaScript, Angular, Node, D3, Vue, and others. EggHead’s videos are usually much shorter and to the point which can make them more digestible.

You Don’t Know JS

You Don’t Know JS is a free book series by Kyle Simpson that explains confusing parts of JavaScript in richer detail that other resources.

Mozilla Developer Network

MDN is the defacto reference guide to JavaScript/HTML/CSS and offers examples of most syntax and language rules. Go here before w3schools.

r/learnjavascript r/learnprogramming

These subreddits are generally a good community space to get help from another human if you’re stuck on a bug or decision.