Does Your DevOps Department Need More Attention?

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Does Your DevOps Department Need More Attention?

How fully do you understand your DevOps department? Do you know when it’s running smoothly, and do you understand when it needs help? Knowing the latter is essential for you to help identify and fix problems as they come up.

For example, multiple servers can create numerous stumbling blocks and mistakes, but there are ways to configure and manage those resources to improve your speed and better your reliability. And a number of those methodologies involve open-source (i.e., free) options.

You should also understand the difference between standard upgrades and those that require more complex adjustments. If standard upgrades are taking the same amount of time as those that you’d expect to expend energy and resources on, then you may have a DevOps problem you need to tackle. And if those changes aren’t transparent, that may point to a DevOps issue as well.

This graphic offers some insights as to the process and any trouble spots.

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