Training Outlook for 2017; Q&A

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Training Outlook for 2017; Q&A

The modern methods of communication and the rise of computer technology have changed how organizations train their employees. In particular, technology has a major role since younger generations of workers have used the internet from the time of its birth. Bob Clary, Strategic Partnerships Manager here at DevelopIntelligence, discusses the impact of technology and social media on modern day employee training tactics and the future of employee training programs in 2017.

What training methods do you use with DevelopIntelligence clients and what results have you seen?

We customize all of our training to suit the needs of our clients, so no one course is the exact same like other companies. Our learning solutions are focused on each company’s people, current project needs, and skills needed for boosting productivity. Because of the customized nature, we see great results. Over 98% of our trainees say they are completely satisfied with their course and would recommend our courses to their colleagues.