Here Are the Two Things That Developers Value More Than Compensation When Choosing a Job

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We have no shortage of sayings about the primacy of money. “Money talks”. “Show me the money”. “Put your money where your mouth is”. But we sometimes overestimate money’s importance relative to many other things. This can be especially true when it comes to working and choosing which job to take.

When it comes to why software developers choose one job over another, many people would assume that comp would be the deal-breaker. Show me the money, right?

So that’s why it might be surprising to discover that perhaps it is not. At least that’s what HackerRank’s 2019 survey of 70,000+ software developers found.

Both professional growth and learning and work-life balance rank as more important (to software developers) than competitive compensation. Why?

Developers tend to be extremely curious and independent. They are constantly learning, self-teaching, and re-tooling. They also want to be able to show up to work when they want and occasionally work remotely.

To attract and keep their software developer talent, companies need to properly recognize L&D as a competitive advantage. Investing in professional growth, learning, and training is more important than just trying to outbid your competitors for talent.

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