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Apache Hadoop is an open source software tool for calculation and distributed data processing. For a long time, people would store and query information on large database servers. This generally worked for the types and amount of data that people were working with. The tools typically used were relational database systems that were queried with SQL. The problem with this is that as database size goes up, the time it takes to analyze this data goes up even faster.

When companies started trying to work with more data/information, new computing and analysis tactics were needed. Hadoop is a piece of software for companies that are working with data that’s in the hundreds of millions to billions of records. Hadoop allows for the manipulation and calculation of large data sets, which prevents an exponential increase in processing time than traditional processing systems would have.

Rather than having to buy really expensive specialized computers for data processing, Hadoop uses a lot of cheap commercial computers that are networked together. It has multiple computers team up on a problem. This makes for fast and cheap data processing/analysis. Hadoop is basically a computer grid. With Hadoop, the programmer can just focus on data processing algorithm and let Hadoop take care of the synchronization, the distribution of jobs, error recovery, and other tasks. Hadoop does much of this with the help of a Google-made algorithm called Map Reduce. Map Reduce is an algorithm for parallel processing of data sets.

Hadoop will help companies in industries like telecommunications, e-commerce, health, retail, and banking to make better decisions with their data.

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Hadoop Administration

Learn to maintain/operate a Hadoop cluster.

Hadoop Essentials

Learn the fundamentals of the Hadoop platform.

Hadoop for Data Analysts

Learn how to use Hadoop to manage, manipulate, and query large complex data in real time.

Hadoop Security

Implement secure Hadoop clusters using authentication, authorization, and encryption.

Introduction to Administering Hadoop Clusters

Learn how to set, configure, and administer Hadoop.

Introduction to Hadoop Administration

Learn how to administer and maintain Hadoop.

Introduction to Hadoop for Developers

Learn how to write MapReduce programs using Java.

Introduction to Hadoop for Managers

Understand how Hadoop fits into your infrastructure.

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