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Scala is a programming language, invented in 2004, that supports functional programming and a strong static typing system. Scala is the heir to Java and many of the design decisions for Scala came from Java’s shortcomings.

Scala allows developers to use all their existing Java libraries and run Scala programs on the Java virtual machine (JVM), which has many advantages (admin tools, garbage collection, ubiquity/popularity).

Scala gives developers all the benefits of the Java ecosystem but is a arguably a much more powerful and concise language . It uses closures and functions as part of the language and also includes operator overloading and mixins. Summed up, Scala is a type safe language with powerful concurrency on top of the JVM (a very mature platform).

The name “Scala” came from the acronym for “Scalable Language”. And Scala has indeed been battle tested at scale. Scala is used in large systems at companies like Twitter, LinkedIn, Intel, the Guardian, FourSquare, Sony, and Siemens.

Scala totes the benefits of being both a functional language and object oriented language. Functional programming is popular and well regarded by developers because it helps them create code that’s concise, safe and elegant. Functions in Scala are objects.

Many of the people who invented or worked on the JVM say Scala is one of their favorite languages. This includes people like Neal Gafter, James Gosling, and Charles Nutter. The inventor of Groovy said that if he’d been shown Scala sooner, he would have never invented Groovy.

Many other developers have echoed the JVM inventors’ take on Scala. Scala code is both concise and maintainable. Scala is byte-code compatible with Java and can use virtually all of the Java libraries and tools. Scala runs fast and is simple to maintain.

Learn Scala from an industry recognized expert. All of our Scala training courses are taught by Daniel Hinojosa, author of the recently published from O'Reilly.

Engineering Reactive Architecture Using Scala, Akka, Play

Teach Reactive Programming with Scala as a foundation.

Fast Track to Akka with Scala

Learn how to build web applications with Scala and Akka.

Fast Track to Play with Scala

Learn how to build web applications with Scala and Play.

Introduction to Akka Framework

Learn how to quickly build web applications in Scala using the Akka framework.

Introduction to Akka with Java

Learn how to use the Akka Framework with Java to build distributed applications.

Introduction to Play Framework

Learn how to quickly build web applications in Scala using the Play framework.

Introduction to Scala

Learn how to adopt Scala to efficiently build multi-core processing applications.

Introduction to Scala Learning Spike

Learn the fundamentals of the Scala programming language.

Test Driven Development with Scala

Learn how to effectively test Scala based applications.

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