What’s New in C# 7

The What’s New in C# 7 training course begins with an overview of the C# languages – key features and basic principles. Students will then explore the new features added to the language in C# version 7 through two principal actions. First, the course will explore the rationale for a new feature – why was it added; what does it add or take away from the language. Second, students will learn how to use the new features through side-by-side coding – showing the new feature and similar features from the previous version of C#. Finally, the course reviews how the changes in C# are driving changes in the software development process itself, as well as emerging best practices for upgrading to C# 7.

This course is designed for technology professionals with a solid understanding of C# and at least an intermediate experience level in software development in the .NET ecosystem. No prior study or experience with C# 7 is required. The course will be instructor-led; a significant portion of the course time will be taken up in practical coding labs, and there will be time for Q&A and class discussion surrounding architecture and development approaches in this new version of the language.

Course Summary

Get up-to-speed on modern C#.
.NET Framework developers looking to upgrade their skills.
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Workshops are instructor-led lab-intensives focused on the practical application of technologies through the facilitation of a project-related lab. Workshops are just the opposite of Seminars. They deliver the highest level of knowledge transfer of any format. Think wide (breadth) and deep (depth).

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1 Day
Productivity Objectives: 
  • Describe the principles of the major changes to the language in C# 7
  • Determine when to use the key new features of C# 7 and use them effectively
  • Explain these new features to other devs and show how they are used
  • Work out the best approach for upgrading existing applications to use C# 7

What You'll Learn

In the What’s New in C# 7 training course you’ll learn:

  • Overview of C#
    • Integration with .NET ecosystem
    • Basic principles of the language
  • Key features of C# 7
    • Exploration of all new key features including: out variables, Tuples, Discards, Pattern matching, Ref locals and returns, Local functions, More expression-bodied members, Throw expressions, Generalized async return types and Numeric literal syntax improvements
      • Rationale for development of the feature
      • Lab: Side-by-side coding of new feature and old feature
  • C# 7 influence on software development and best practices for upgrading
    • Influence on software development of C# 7 and similar language trends
    • Best practices for upgrading your applications to C# 7
  • Review
    • Key features of C#7
    • Approaches to migration

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