Citrus Framework

The Citrus Framework training course is designed to provide a structure for automated testing that aligns to Continuous Integration/Continuous Development software development processes. The Citrus Framework course will examine the integration between Citrus and multiple transports, validate message content and integrate to provide security, database connectivity and template features. Students will have the opportunity to use a Citrus simulator during the course while exploring various development testing models such as BDD, layer based testing and CI/CD. This course is intended for anyone who is interested in learning Citrus Framework for integration testing.

Course Summary

Demonstrate Citrus functionality for automated testing while exploring integrations, development and testing processes.
Developers and developer teams looking to learn automated testing with Citrus.
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2 Days
Productivity Objectives: 
  • Integrate with various Transports
  • Configure Citrus Framework
  • Execute and Report on Testing
  • Evaluate automated testing frameworks to use with Citrus
  • Integrate Citrus into Continuous Integration/Continuous Development Process

What You'll Learn

In the Citrus Framework training course you’ll learn:

  • Project Setup and Basic Test Creation (Test Context, Description, Actions, Meta Information)
  • Leveraging Variables
  • Sending, receiving and validating REST messages
  • Configuration
  • Leveraging Spring Dependency Injection
  • Test Execution and Reporting Options
  • Leveraging JSONPath
  • Leveraging Hamcrest Matchers
  • Database Actions and Validations
  • Selenium Integration
  • Using Citrus Simulator
  • BDD and Shift Left
  • Layer-Based Testing
  • Integrating with CI/CD
  • Other Citrus Functionality
  • White-Boarding and Coding, Real Examples

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