Cloud Computing Training

Cloud Computing is a term used to describe the move of typical data center infrastructure, services, and applications to a hosted, near utility based solution. Cloud computing is typically described in terms of applications solutions (SaaS), platform solutions (PaaS), and Infrastructure solutions (IaaS).

AWS Training

AWS for Developers

Learn how to work with, configure, and deploy applications to AWS.

AWS for Developers Boot Camp

Learn AWS and prepare for the AWS Certified Developer Exam

AWS for System Administrators

Learn the key AWS product lines, system administration processes, dev ops processes, H/A strategies, best-practices, and costing models associated with running solutions on the AWS infrastructure.

AWS Serverless Applications

Teach traditional architects and developers to develop applications in AWS Serverless.

Deep Dive into Amazon Web Services Serverless Lambda

The program is focused on providing deep dive on amazon web services lambda.

Testing REST Services in AWS

Learn how to write, execute, and perform functional and automating testing using AWS as a cloud.

Azure Training

Azure for DevOps Engineers

Learn to deploy, configure and manage Azure using Chef

Azure for System Administrators

Learn how to configure, maintain and monitor Azure Virtual Machines and Virtual Networks.

Azure in a Day

Learn to build, deploy, and maintain applications in Azure Cloud


Describe the philosophy, models, goals, practices and tools being used to move to a DevSecOps culture.

Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions Certification

Learn the ins-and-outs necessary to pass the Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions Certification Exam

Introduction to Azure for Developers

Learn how to build, deploy, secure, scale, monitor and maintain applications in Azure Cloud

Introduction to Azure for Managers

Learn an technical overview of Azure, it's infrastructure, security and operational capabilities

Introduction to the Azure Stack and VM Managers

Learn how to deploy Azure in private data centers

Microsoft Azure Certification Boot Camp

Learn the ins-and-outs necessary to pass the Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions Certification Exam

Working with Big Data on Azure

Learn how to effective use Big Data technologies on the Azure cloud

Boot Camps

Cloud Native Development Practices

Give a developer the knowledge and practical skills to design and deliver applications in a cloud-native approach thus equipping them with the tools to create more secure, changeable, scalable and available applications.

Moving to the Cloud

Create an awareness level of knowledge across all roles in the software development organization to enable the communication and understanding required to effectively support, manage, migrate to AWS.

Working with ReasonML

Utilize ReasonML when creating applications.

Google Cloud Training

Google Cloud for Data Analysts

Learn how to perform insightful and responsive data analysis at scale and delight the consumers of the analysis with effective data visualizations.

Google Cloud for Data Engineers

Learn to build systems on Google Cloud to store and process batch or streaming data.

Google Cloud for Data Scientists

Create and deploy high-performance data science and machine learning systems on Google Cloud for regression and classification use cases leveraging both structured and unstructured datasets.

Google Cloud for Developers

Learn to create and deploy software on Google Cloud to have secure and stable applications.

Google Cloud for Managers

Learn a technical overview of Google Cloud and its capabilities in the areas of information technology infrastructure, operations, big data, and machine learning.

Intermediate Google Cloud For Data Analysts

Learn how to analyze large scale, distributed, and real-time datasets with MapReduce and Apache Beam based capabilities of Google Cloud and practice identification and analysis of effective data features for predictive analytics with BigQuery ML and TensorFlow.

Intermediate Google Cloud for Data Engineers

Learn how to use data engineering on Google Cloud to build specialized data pipelines for large scale streaming data analytics, machine learning, and recommendation systems.

Intermediate Google Cloud For Data Scientists

Implement statistical and machine learning models using TensorFlow, for example for recommendation engines, and how to improve their performance based on the students’ understanding of underlying mathematical principles.

Intermediate Google Cloud for Developers

Utilize advanced processes and practices for the platform to improve function and security.

Introduction to Cloud Computing

This course provides an overview of the different cloud providers and what they offer.

Introduction to the Google App Engine

Learn to use the Google App Engine and integrate it with other Google Cloud services.

Moving to a Hybrid Cloud for Managers Adding Google Cloud

This course explores the development of a platform-based infrastructure using Google Cloud.

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