AWS for Developers Boot Camp

The AWS for Developers Boot Camp training course provides a hands-on examination of the key concepts, technologies, products and services used in a typical AWS infrastructure. The AWS Boot Camp course is focused on helping engineers who are new to AWS learn the fundamentals and master the ins-and-outs required to become an AWS Certified Developer.

Course Summary

Learn AWS and prepare for the AWS Certified Developer Exam
Developers new to AWS
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Boot Camp training is fast-tracked, hands-on, instructor-led training covering multiple related concepts and technologies in a condensed fashion.

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5 Days

What You'll Learn

In the AWS for Developers Boot Camp training course you’ll learn:

  • Introduction: Understanding AWS Structure and Terminology
    • History of AWS
    • Regions and Availability Zones
    • Accounts
    • Networking
  • Identity Access Management (IAM)
    • Users
    • Groups
    • Policies
    • Roles
    • Identity Federation
  • Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
    • Terminology/Basics
    • Connecting via ssh/putty
    • Security Groups/Key Pairs
    • Instance Types
    • AMIs
    • Snapshots
  • Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
    • Overview
    • Routing
    • Security
    • Network Address Translation (NAT)
    • Building Custom VPCs
  • Databases
    • Database Terminology/Basics
    • Relational Database Service (RDS)
    • DynamoDB
    • RedShift
    • Neptune
    • ElastiCache
    • Aurora
  • Simple Storage Service (S3)
    • Features/Basics
    • Hosting
    • Data Transfer
    • Creating a Dropbox-like Tool
    • Glacier
  • Domain Name Service (DNS)
    • Basics
    • Route53
  • Application & Message Services
    • Simple Notification Service (SNS)
    • Amazon MQ
    • Simple Work Flow (SWF)
  • AWS Lambda
    • Serverless Basics
    • How Lambda Works
    • Example Workflows
    • Testing and Logging
  • Monitoring Tools
    • Cloudwatch
    • Cloudtrail
  • Additional Topics
    • Elastic Container Service
    • Elastic Beanstalk

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