Deep Dive into Amazon Web Services Serverless Lambda

AWS Lambda is a serverless computing platform provided by Amazon as one of the services in Amazon Web Services. This computing service runs code in response to the related events and automatically manages the computing resources required by that program. The course deep dives into this serverless computing platform AWS Lambda.

Course Summary

The program is focused on providing deep dive on amazon web services lambda.
Developers and developer teams looking to build apps that use AWS Serverless.
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Workshops are instructor-led lab-intensives focused on the practical application of technologies through the facilitation of a project-related lab. Workshops are just the opposite of Seminars. They deliver the highest level of knowledge transfer of any format. Think wide (breadth) and deep (depth).

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3 Days
Productivity Objectives: 
  • Describe what AWS Lambda is and what it does
  • Implement different use cases of AWS lambda
  • Create and deploy Lambda functions
  • Learn the life cycle span of lambda functions
  • Design and write API’s with lambda and API gateway
  • Implement API caching, throttling, stages, and authentication
  • Trigger lambda functions from Dynamodb

What You'll Learn

In the Deep Dive into Amazon Web Services Serverless Lambda training course you’ll learn:

  • Introduction to serverless
    • What is serverless?
    • Why Lambda?
    • How Lambda works
    • Sample workflow
    • Event-driven fundamentals
    • Understanding the limits of AWS lambda
  • Setting up the environment
    • Introduction
    • Toolbar setup
    • About blueprints and handlers
    • Using the console
    • Create the function
    • Testing and logging
    • Understanding IAM security: roles and policies
    • Familiarity with event sources
  • Getting started with lambda
    • Building lambda functions
    • Configuring Lambda functions
    • Accessing resources from a lambda function
    • Aws lambda execution model
  • Invoking lambda functions
    • Example use case
    • Invocation types
    • Understanding retry behavior
    • Understanding scaling behavior
    • Supported event sources
  • Managing Lambda
    • Monitoring & logging
    • Understanding & using Cloudtrail to review Lambda
    • Understanding & using versions and aliases
  • Basic use case for S3 buckets
    • Install the AWS command-line tool
    • Create an S3 bucket
    • Creating a function and trigger
    • Updating lambda functions with the AWS cli
    • Testing and function invocation
    • Function versions and qualifiers
    • Function outputs and timeouts
  • Create image thumbnails on upload to S3
    • Scenario overview
    • Resizing lambda function
    • Using cloudformation to create
    • S3 upload with node.js
    • Customizations
  • Send notifications to slack with API gateway, Lambda, and S3
    • Scenario overview
    • Creating a slack webhook and lambda function walkthrough
    • Testing and uploading the lambda function
    • Setting up an API gateway
    • Creating an S3 based static website and mapping it to API gateway
    • Customizations
  • Serverless usage with Dynamodb, API gateway, Lambda, and S3
    • Scenario overview
    • Dynamodb table and lambda function creation
    • Deploying an API with Amazon API gateway
    • Application walkthrough and creating an S3 static site
    • Customizations
  • More use-cases
    • AWS Cloudtrail
    • Amazon SNS
    • Amazon API gateway
    • Mobile backend (android)
    • Scheduled events
    • Custom user applications
    • AWS lambda@edge
  • Building a serverless application
    • Building a stateless serverless web application backend
    • Stateful serverless backend with Dynamodb
    • Creating a web client
    • Deploying a serverless frontend on CloudFront
  • Deploying lambda-based applications
    • Versioning and aliases
    • Using the AWS serverless application model (AWS sam)
    • Automating deployment of lambda-based applications
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting lambda-based applications
    • Using Amazon Cloudwatch
    • Using AWS x-ray
  • Administering lambda-based applications
    • Tagging Lambda functions
    • API logging with AWS Cloudtrail
    • Authentication and access control
    • Managing concurrency
  • Advanced Lambda
    • Environment variables
    • Dead letter queues
    • Best practices
    • Runtime support policy
  • Few API reference and use-cases
    • Certificate errors when using an SDK
    • Actions
    • Data types
  • Enterprise end-to-end AWS Lambda architecture

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