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The first release of Python came out in 1991. Python is an interpreted and object-oriented programming language. It includes modules, dynamic typing, dynamic data types, and classes. Python offers power plus a clear syntax. Python was founded on the ideas that “Beautiful is better than ugly” and “Explicit is better than implicit” and “Simple is better than complex”. Those philosophies should tell you that Python strongly values readability.

Python is fast and easy to use. Python makes debugging your programs easy with its built-in debugger. Python is used for science calculations, data science, data visualizations and web development, among other things. Python is entirely open source as are many popular Python libraries like Wget, progressbar, Requests and colorama. Flash and Django are the two most popular Python web application frameworks and both are open source on Github.

Python recently became the most popular language used for teaching introductory programming at Universities. Python is taking over space that R, Java, and PHP used to dominate. It’s a flexible and powerful language.

Python has both 2.X and 3.X versions. Many developers and libraries still only work with Python 2. Python 3 was released in 2008 and no further releases will occur for Python 2 (the last one was in 2010). Python 3 is meant to be easier for beginners to learn. Python 3 made Print as a function and uses Views and Iterators instead of lists. A lot of crufty and outdated syntax (around Iterators, unicode, subgenerators) was also removed when Python 3 was released.

Members of the DevelopIntelligence team have been working with and delivering Python training since 2003. Our Python development insights run deep and have allowed us to present Python and Python related topics at industry recognized events like OSCON, PyCon and related user groups. If you're looking for a Python training solution that combines real-world experience, with top-notch expertise, stop looking. You just found it!

If you are new to both Python and programming, consider taking the Introduction to Python course. Or, if you're an experienced developer and need to quickly ramp on Python, check out the Python boot camp.

Of course, if you can't find the Python training course you're looking for, give us a call or contact us and we'll design one just for you and your team.

Advanced Python

Become an expert at creating high-throughput, multithreaded, network oriented programs written in Python.

Building a Recommendation Engine Using Python

Understand, design, implement and evaluate various recommendation engines.

Intermediate Python

Help new Python developers mature their programming knowledge.

Introduction to Python

Learn the fundamentals of Python programming.

Introduction to R & Python

Introduce developers to both programming languages providing comparisons and recommendations between the two languages.

MongoDB for Python Developers

Learn how to use MongoDB with Python.

Python Boot Camp

Quickly transition from another object-oriented programming language to Python.

Python for Data Scientists

Obtain a working knowledge of how to use Python to explore and analyze data, run basic regression models, visualize data, and apply some basic machine learning models to data.

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