Introduction to PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL Administration Training

The Introduction to PostgreSQL training course focuses on installing, configuring, and tuning PostgreSQL as an RDBMS for use with Java, PHP, Ruby, and .NET.

The PostgreSQL Administration training is structured around the most recent PostgreSQL 9.x release.

Course Summary

Learn how to install, configure, and administer the world's most advanced open source database, PostgreSQL.
Experienced Developers and Administrators wanting to have a production-quality command of PostgreSQL.
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Learning Style: 

Hands-on training is customized, instructor-led training with an in-depth presentation of a technology and its concepts, featuring such topics as Java, OOAD, and Open Source.

Hands On help
3 Days
Productivity Objectives: 
  • Describe the advantages and disadvantages PostgreSQL has over other databases
  • Install PostgreSQL on a linux / unix platform
  • Perform basic configuration, including user setup, db design, monitoring, and logging

What You'll Learn

In the Introduction to PostgreSQL training course you’ll learn:

  • Getting Started with PostgreSQL
    • Installation
    • Architectural Fundamentals
    • Creating a database
    • Accessing a database
  • Review of the SQL Language
    • Concepts
    • Creating Tables
    • Populating Tables
    • Querying
    • Joins
    • Functions
  • Advanced Features
    • Views
    • Foreign Keys
    • Transactions
    • Window Functions
    • Inheritence
  • Overview of PostgreSQL internals
  • Installation from Source
    • Requirements
    • Getting the source
    • Upgrading
    • Installation Procedure
    • Post-installation
  • Server Setup and Operation
    • The PostgreSQL user account
    • Creating a Database cluster
    • Starting the Database server
    • Managing kernel resources
    • Shutting down the server
    • Securing the server
  • Server Configuration
    • Parameters
    • File locations
    • Connections and Authentication
    • Resource consumption
    • Error reporting and logging
    • Runtime statitistics
    • Vacuuming
    • Versioning and Lock management
  • Managing Databases
    • Creating databases
    • Template databases
    • Database configuration
    • Destroying a database
    • Tablespaces
  • Routing Maintenance Tasks
    • Routine Vacuuming
    • Routine reindexing
    • Log file maintenance
  • Backup and Restore
    • SQL Dump
    • File system level backup
    • Continuous archiving
    • Warm standby servers
  • Monitoring DB Activity
    • Unix tools
    • Statistics collector
    • Viewing locks
    • Dynamic tracing
  • PostgreSQL Internals

Meet Your Instructor

Steve Photo

Steve, a consultant and database administrator, has over 20 years of practical experience with Oracle, Sybase and SQL Server. He is certified in Oracle version 8 through 11g and is a charter member of the Nebraska Oracle User Group. He also holds a MCITP SQL Server DBA/Developer certification, Linux certification and a Real Application Clusters (RAC) certification.

Steve has...

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Reuven picture

Reuven created one of the first 100 Web sites in the world just after
graduating from MIT’s computer science department. He opened Lerner
Consulting in 1995, and has been offering training services since
1996. Today, Reuven spends most of his time training programmers at
companies such as Apple, Autodesk, Cisco, EMC, HP, SANDisk, and VMWare
in four open-source technologies: Python, PostgreSQL, Git, and

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