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Boot Camps

Jest and Enzyme Testing

Provide a solid foundation in the workings of the Jest testing framework along with the testing utility Enzyme.

Advanced Machine Learning

Expand upon topics covered in the introductory course and learn advanced techniques for managing data and tuning models.

Applied Computer Vision

Study and implement deep learning models and learning algorithms for visual recognition.

Applied Data Science & Machine Learning

Explore intermediate data analysis techniques and how programming languages can be used to further analyze data.


Demonstrate how Bitbucket can make teams more productive.

Building Chatbots Using Google Dialogflow

Build Chatbot on Google Cloud and deploy it standalone as well as on Facebook Messenger.

Citrus Framework

Demonstrate Citrus functionality for automated testing while exploring integrations, development and testing processes.

Cypress for End-to-End Testing

Automate end-to-end testing using Cypress to test the applications overall behavior.

Data Integration with Talend

Learn how to use Talend to make data more accessible, improve its quality and help your organization become more data-driven.

Deep Learning with TensorFlow and Keras

Examine Deep Learning concepts and popular tools.

Domain Models in Practice

This is an intensive three-day workshop which explores the technical relationship between code, culture, and architecture and teaches how to model and implement software from a business perspective.

Entity Framework Core Development

Rapidly get .NET developers productive in EF Core data access development.

Equipping IT Professionals for Tech Support

Empower IT professionals with the communication, conflict resolution and people skills needed to grow with their changing roles.

Firebase for Web Development

Build an application using Firebase as a back-end, get real time updates from Firebase, as well as implement server-side logic using cloud functions.

Functional Programming for Java Developers

Prepare Java developers to utilize functional programming when creating code.

Fundamentals of Apache CouchDB

Learn the fundamentals of Apache CouchDB in this two-day hands-on course.

GoLang Microservices

Create, aggregate and monitor microservices in Go.

Great Presentation Skills

Help students overcome presentation anxiety and create effective presentations.

Intermediate Kotlin

Increase knowledge and effectiveness in the Kotlin programming language.

Intermediate Xamarin

Provide mobile app developers with an overview of using Xamarin to create multi-platform apps.

Introduction to AI and Machine Learning in Azure

Learn to implement AI and ML techniques on Azure.

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

This course is designed to provide students with foundational and practical knowledge of artificial intelligence.

Introduction to Cassandra Learning Spike

Learn how to develop with Cassandra.

Introduction to Data Science & Machine Learning

Examine how data can be gathered to improve the overall needs of the business.

Introduction to Graphics Processing

Develop a working knowledge through lecture and labs of graphics processing practices within Machine Learning using CUDA, PyCuda, OpenCL, Vulkan and Tensorflow.

Introduction to Kafka Streams

Upon completion, students will be able to utilize Kafka Streams and identify where Kafka can be further incorporated into their practice.

Introduction to Kotlin

Create basic applications with the Kotlin programming language.

Introduction to Linux Learning Spike

Learn to setup, manage, and configure a Linux machine.

Introduction to Machine Learning

Learn various Machine Learning algorithms to evaluate and productize models.

Introduction to SageMaker for Data Analysts

Teach developers how to choose the right questions to ask and how to answer them with Machine Learning.

Introduction to Splunk

Help DevOps engineers learns to use Splunk

Introduction to Vagrant Learning Spike

Learn to use the essentials of Vagrant.

Introduction to Xamarin

Provides training on how to create mobile apps using C#.

Machine Learning and Natural Language

Learn to implement ML techniques for natural language comprehension, sentiment analysis, topic discovery, etc.

Protractor for End-to-End Testing

Automate end-to-end testing using Protractor to test the applications overall behavior.

Reactive Programming with RxJS

Build a Javascript application using RxJS and reactive programming principles.

Real-Time Ingestion & Processing Using Kafka & Spark

This course will provide the knowledge and skills needed to utilize Data Ingestion and Processing using Kafka and Spark Streaming.

Robotics Process Automation using UiPath

Gain real hands-on exposure to creating RPA bots, design effective RPA solutions, and automate repeated processes within their organization.

Scalable Machine Learning

Understand and build end-to-end Scalable Machine Learning Pipelines for gaining actionable insights.

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

Prepare the student to incorporate the principles of SRE into their practice.

Threat Modeling Fundamentals

To teach students threat modeling, approaches, tools and benefits.


This course is designed to provide knowledge and skills on the WebGL platform.

What’s New in C# 7

Get up-to-speed on modern C#.

Working With Ansible

The Ansible Fundamentals course provides students with basic understanding of Ansible as well as hands-on experience to enable its use in managing configuration environments.

Working with Deep Reinforcement Learning

This course will provide an introduction to deep reinforcement learning, what it is, how it works and how you can apply it to real-world problems.

Working with Flutter

Provide students with the knowledge, skills and hands-on experience needed to incorporate Flutter into their practice.

Working with Gatsby

Learn to deliver web-based solutions using Gatsby

Working with JIRA

Teach the essentials of JIRA

Working with Power BI

Provide in-depth understanding of Microsoft Power BI.

Working With RabbitMQ

This course is designed to provide students with a solid introduction to RabbitMQ including web applications, administration and optimization.

Working With Redis

Gain a full understanding of Redis’ abilities. Explore different use-cases, see where Redis shines and where it needs your attention, or even shouldn’t be your tool of choice.

Working with Rust

This course will provide students with a working knowledge of the Rust programming language

Working with Tableau

On-board quickly with Tableau and begin using it.

Microsoft .NET Training

.NET Core Development

Rapidly get .NET developers productive in .NET Core development.

.NET Fundamentals

Learn how to build .NET applications.

Advanced TSQL

Learn Advanced Topics around TSQL.

ASP.NET Core Development

Rapidly give a .NET Framework web developer the knowledge and practical skills to create modern web applications.

ASP.NET Identity Development

Rapidly get .NET developers productive in ASP.NET Identity development.

Building Web Applications with ASP MVC

Learn to build a robust, enterprise-grade web application using ASP.NET MVC.

Concurrent .NET

Learn how to take advantage of the multiple cores found in modern processors by working with the variety of options for parallel execution in .NET.

Entity Framework

Learn to build data tiers using Microsoft Entity Framework.

Essential C#

Learn how to write a stand-alone application using C#.

Introduction to TSQL

Learn the syntax and concepts of TSQL.


Learn how to build RESTful web services using Microsoft’s WebAPI.

TSQL for the .Net Developer

Learn to use T-SQL for working with relational databases.

WS-Star with WCF

Learn how to build standards-compliant web services using Microsoft WCF.

C++ Training

Advanced Design Patterns for Embedded Systems

Bring developers up to speed on utilizing design patterns in an embedded system environment

C++ Boot Camp

Learn how to effectively to transition to C++ from another programming language.

C++ Secure Coding

Programmers will have an understanding of how to develop secure code, adapt existing code to be more secure, and address CERT coding standards in C++ where required.

C++ Template Programming

Learn how to use the C++ Standard Template Library (STL).

C++ Threaded Programming

Learn how to build safe, high-performing multi-threaded C++ applications.

Introduction to C++

Learn how to write stand-alone applications using C++.

Multi-Core Programming with C++

To create a baseline level of experience with multi-core programming

Oracle Training

Introduction To Application Express

To introduce database users and administrators to Oracle APEX 5.0, Oracle’s premier Rapid Application Development tool.

Introduction to Oracle SQL

Learn the basics of interactive SQL and SQL*Plus operations.

Introduction to Programming Training

Introduction to Programming

Learn the basics of programming in the beginner friendly language, Python.

WebLogic Training

Introduction to WebLogic

Learn the fundamentals of working with, configuring, and administering WebLogic server.

Working with WebLogic Server

Learn how to setup, configure, and administer clusters in WebLogic Server.

ITIL Training

ITIL Continual Service Improvement

Learn the concepts, tools, and strategies involved in the implementation of the activities required to benefit from improvement opportunities.

ITIL Foundation

Learn the concepts, tools and processes to help your organization gain control over service management and delivery.

ITIL Service Design

Learn the activities required to design and deliver services that offer business value.

ITIL Service Operation

Learn how to deliver and manage stability in the live environment.

ITIL Service Strategy

Learn the significant impact that strategic decisions and Service Management have on your customer’s organization.

ITIL Service Transition

Learn the activities and processes required for successful deployment of new and changed services.

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